Daily Archives: December 2, 2012

December Newsletter from Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Welcome to December!  It’s feeling like winter at the pub (by Marin standards at least) – come on in for some great winter music, brews, and community.


Brewery Expansion update

Our new tanks arrive January 23rd, so while we transition to our new system, we may be a little low on beer.  But don’t fret – once they are in, look out!  More beer, more fun, more beer!

Holiday 4 Packs

Our annual holiday 4 pack is now available at the pub.  Four scrumptious 22 oz bottles, with one-of-a-kind labels by our own graphic craftsman Paul Zabierek, hand bottled, hand sealed, and arriving in their own handy-dandy carrying case.»

Brew News 2

Don’t forget every other Thursday we have one of our great beers on cask!


Here is the current regular beer line up:

•  Kent Lake Kolsch

•  Czechered Past Pilsner

•  Chazz Cat Rye

•  Election Session Ale

•  Alsatian Pale Ale

•  Epiphany Amber Ale

•  Pumpkin Spiced Ale

•  JC Flyer IPA

•  Casey Jones Imperial IPA

•  Anne Marie’s Amber

•  Edwin’s Winterscotch

•  Dark Path Dark Lager

•  Flashover Porter

•  Sless Oatmeal Stout