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What’s Pouring

Kent Lake Kolsch
Alsatian Pale Ale
ALS Pale Ale
Saison D'Ete
The Crippla'
JC Flyer IPA
Casey Jones Imperial IPA
Epiphany Ale
Anne Marie’s Amber
Repack Rye Dubbel
Fairfax Coffee Porter
Sless' Stimulating Oatmeal Stout
Two Rivers Pomegranate Cider

Guest Beer: HooDoo Kolsch from Uinta, SLC Utah.

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Chalk Art by Elyce Burke

Here are the groups we’ll be sponsoring as part of our Give Back Tuesday program in February.  Come on out and support your favorite nonprofit!  To nominate a group, or for more information, please email

We are excited to announce our partnership with Marin Produce!  In February of 2012, we started giving 15% of sales to the day’s sponsored organization – 10% from us, 5% from Marin Produce.  Happy anniversary to this great partnership.

February 5th

California Craft Brewers Association

The California Craft Brewers Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association representing the craft and specialty brewing industry in California.

The primary function of the CCBA is to monitor legislative activity at the state Capitol and to provide a single and coherent political voice that represents the interests of all of California’s craft breweries.

Additionally, the CCBA provides a broad realm of services for the craft brewing community, which includes addressing critical business and supply issues, developing marketing campaigns that promote California produced craft beer and offering gatherings and events to help foster communication and education among our family of brewers.

The CCBA is proud to represent the rich and diverse collection of artisans and entrepreneurs that make up the family of California’s craft brewers.  Find out more at

Happy Craft Beer month!.

February 12th

Parents Place

Parents Place is the Bay Area’s leading family resource center offering: parenting workshops, parent coaching & consultation, child behavior & school support, clinical & special needs services, parent/child activity groups, and child & family therapy. From everyday issues to challenges requiring specialized assessment, they help parents, caregivers and educators support children at all ages. Join their community.

February 19th


Everyone wants to do the right thing for wildlife… WildCare is here to help! They are located in downtown San Rafael, California — Marin County’s largest city — making them a truly urban wildlife rehabilitation center.

WildCare works to make sure all species can coexist– not just by treating sick or injured animals (over 3,000 of them a year), but also by teaching people how to live peacefully with wildlife and by advocating for better protection of wildlife and our remaining open spaces.

In addition to operating their wildlife rehabilitation hospital, they also provide numerous other resources to the local and larger community. Their Living with Wildlife Hotline is available any time of day or night to help anyone deal safely with the wildlife they encounter. They’ve also been a leader in developing new and innovative ways to address problem wildlife issues humanely. And when wildlife needs us to advocate on its behalf, they take a stand.  All these activities help foster an understanding of and appreciation for wildlife in all people.

For more information go to

February 26th

San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School

Founded originally in 1947 as the Fairfax Community Nursery School, the San Anselmo Co-Op is celebrating its 65th year in operation. Except for the faces of the children and their parents, since then little has changed. The goal of the preschool is to foster physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual growth in each child.  The school provides a unique experience for families who wish to be involved in their children’s education and learn alongside them. By sharing parenting issues, insights, joys and struggles, parents gain a sense of community with one another and a greater understanding of their own child’s development. Through their participation, parents create the kind of school they desire for their children. Their many talents, strengths and interests provide the energy that fuels the school. By relying on parent ingenuity, teamwork and labor, we keep fees low and the school available to a wide spectrum of people.  Find out more at

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