Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

The Ambrewlance

We bought an ambulance to deliver beer with… How awesome is that?

Back Ambrew LogoSince Iron Springs opened in 2004, we have always had our sights set on a beer delivery vehicle powered by our own waste vegetable oil. For the first two years of being open, we found ourselves devoting most of our attention to various events and special needs of establishing the community restaurant that fit the owner’s vision. We kept our eyes peeled for the right van and, as more venues wanted our brew for their taps, the need for a devoted vehicle became stronger and then, as the sun broke through the fluffy clouds of another stellar fairfax day, we had our epiphany.»


Iron Springs is Green Certified

logo-green-lgAfter much hard work Iron Springs has now become a Green Certified Business by the Marin County Community Development Agency. We now will continue to strive to operate the most Green friendly Brewpub that we possibly can.

What does this mean?

Green businesses practice resource efficiency and focus their operations on limiting their impact on the earth and its resources. A green business not only conserves resources but also educates employees and customers abut resource conservation.

As a Green Certified hospitality business we feel we are pioneers in our industry. Our program as an industry leader in sustainability and certified green business practices has been a part of Iron Spring’s mission statement since its inception in 2004, when Michael and Anne Altman brought their dream to Fairfax, CA and opened up Iron Springs Pub & Brewery as a community gathering spot that provides the finest award winning, hand crafted ales and affordable, healthy, locally grown food with the least amount of environmental impact.»

Give Back Tuesdays

At Iron Springs, we like to think of ourselves as active participants in our community, not as passive service providers. We know that the folks who frequent our pub are not just customers, they are our friends and neighbors. We like to think that this attitude is reflected in our style of service and in our casual, homey atmosphere. But that’s really just a reflection of what goes on behind the scenes at Iron Springs.

One of the most overt ways in which we choose to contribute to our community is through our “Give Back Tuesday” program.»