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June Music

Please send booking inquiries to  Music starts at 8pm.

Wednesday June 7th


Victors of the YES foundation battle of the bands 2016, Mayfly has been rocking Fairfax for over a year now.  With their break out debut, they swept the competition to the cheers of the idolizing and tipsy Ross Valley School District parents dancing in harmony.  Kelly Atkins, Rebecca Chourre, Liz Pisco, Henry Kyburg, Matt Palmer, Tommy Casey.

Wednesday June 14th


From the nether-regions of the North Bay come . . . Soulbillies, a hodgepodge of strummers and singers who sing songs about drinking, cheating, and going to hell.»

June Newsletter

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Fairfax Festival Weekend is Upon Us!

Fairfax Festival weekend is one of the great events our funky little town puts on for local residents and visitors alike.  You’ll find the Iron Springs Ambrewlance in the parade Saturday morning at 10am, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be on the receiving end of our t-shirt cannon (manned by Aaron Altman, age 8, and Michael Altman, of an older age).  Then all weekend long get your favorite Iron Springs brew at the Ross Valley Fire Department booth by Bolinas Park….»

June Give Back Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we are thrilled to donate 10% to local groups working to support our community.   For more information, or to nominate a group, please contact

June 6th – LEAP

LEAPLEAP (the Lagunitas School District Foundation) is the all-volunteer, nonprofit foundation that develops and sustains resources to benefit all children in the Lagunitas School District.Their small K-8 district focuses on educating the whole child in three unique programs, the elementary Open Classroom and Montessori programs, and the
6th-8th grade Middle School. With a focus on immersive projects, experiential learning, and collaboration, they provide opportunities for their students to explore and express many facets of the curriculum.»

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