Daily Archives: December 20, 2017

Silk Smoking Jacket

Silk Smoking Jacket is our riff on a strong winter ale with a little smoked malt. The hops are balanced so the beer isn’t sweet, the smoke is subtle but present, and a silk jacket is encouraged to wear. The base malt for this beer came from our good friends at Admiral Maltings in Alameda.»

January Give Back Tuesdays – support YES and art in schools!

Each Tuesday we are thrilled to donate 10% to local groups working to support our community.   For more information, or to nominate a group, please contact anne@ironspringspub.com.

YES provides support for the Ross Valley School District including funding for library, art, music, and so much more.  Find out more at www.yestokids.org.  In January, we will be sponsoring YES every Tuesday and also have two very special nights planned:

On Tuesday January 16th we will celebrate outgoing Executive Director Julie Quater’s amazing work developing and fostering much needed programs for the Ross Valley School District.»