Give Back Tuesdays

At Iron Springs, we like to think of ourselves as active participants in our community, not as passive service providers. We know that the folks who frequent our pub are not just customers, they are our friends and neighbors. We like to think that this attitude is reflected in our style of service and in our casual, homey atmosphere. But that’s really just a reflection of what goes on behind the scenes at Iron Springs.

One of the most overt ways in which we choose to contribute to our community is through our “Give Back Tuesday” program. Every Tuesday, a percentage of the proceeds from the pub are donated to a local cause or organization. In this way, folks can come down, have a nice meal and a pint (or several) and know that some of what they spend on their meal is coming right back into the programs and services that make Fairfax and Marin such a fantastic place to live.

Our staff all lives locally, and we’re all raising our kids, dogs, cats and ferrets, living our lives, and doing our best to adhere to a simple credo: love one another. With everything we do – both big and small – we’re trying to make the world a better place to live in. For ourselves, for our children, and for our neighbors.

The Iron Springs Give Back Tuesday program has donated an average of over $15,000 a year to such great causes as:

  • The YES Foundation
  • Drake High Mt. Bike Team
  • Marin Community Food Bank
  • Bread & Roses
  • Adopt-a-Family of Marin
  • Point Reyes Seashore Association
  • Conservation Corps North Bay
  • And many more…

February Give Back Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we are thrilled to donate 10% to local groups working to support our community.   For more information, or to nominate a group, please contact

February 7th – Sustainable Fairfax

sustainable fairfax 2013This Tuesday we’ll be supporting Sustainable Fairfax.    Their vision is to provide Community Education events that support the local economy, teach sustainable environmental practices, and build community. They strive to inspire citizens to take action on issues such as Climate Change, Toxics, Zero Waste, Food, Water, and other sustainability topics. They also work actively with our town and county governments, businesses, other non-profits, and community groups to create a connected community, strenghten our local economy, and support diverse ecology.  Visit for more information.

February 14th – Jazz in the Neighborhood

jazz in the neighborhood 2014Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery’s Give-Back-Tuesday benefit for Jazz in the Neighborhood, featuring our the Collective. This iteration is Mario Guarneri, trumpet; Jon Herbst, piano; Bill Lanphier, bass; and Lance Dresser, drums.

Jazz in the Neighborhood works to improve the economics of jazz performance in the Bay Area by presenting affordable concerts, paying musicians a guaranteed wage, and supporting the work of established and aspiring jazz artists.  Learn more at

February 21st – Vilda Foundation

Vilda_Logo_Final 2014This Tuesday we’ll be supporting the Vilda Foundation.  The Vilda Foundation is dedicated to rebuilding awareness that creates a deep, meaningful connection to the natural world.  They believe the way to do that is by actually spending time outdoors, with hands in the dirt and feet on the ground, planting trees, clearing brush, finding frogs in a creek, making a meal out of wild plants, learning how to turn a piece of wood into an instrument or creating natural dyes with berries.

The Vilda Foundation provides hands-on, place-based nature education to children, adults and educators, creates initiatives that enhance the health and accessibility of our public lands, engages in healthy community building, sustainability, and regenerative living, and serves as a connection point and resource for local nature educators.  You can view Vilda’s current program offerings and read more at

February 28th – Daycaring Preschool

Daycaring 2016DayCaring Preschool is Fairfax’s family-oriented, child-centered non-profit preschool.  Our Mission is to grow happy, capable learners in a play-based atmosphere of freedom, passion, art and curiosity.   Find out more at their website at


December Give Back Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we are thrilled to donate 10% to local groups working to support our community.   For more information, or to nominate a group, please contact

December 6th – River Otter Ecology Project

River Otter 2015River Otters have returned to the SF Bay Area, and this is good news for our watersheds!  As wetlands and watersheds are restored, and conservation measures are taken, river otters are able to find food and habitat to thrive once more.  The conditions that make watersheds healthy for otters (clean water, functioning ecosystem, plenty of healthy fish), make them healthy for all of us.  The River Otter Ecology project is a volunteer-run citizen science project providing research, education for adults and children, and lots of volunteer opportunities.  Their mission is to support wetland restoration with research, education and restoration partnerships.  Check out their videos and photos of local river otters at, and type on over to their website at!

December 13th – Kids Cooking for Life

kidscookforlife2016-logoKids Cooking For Life (KCL) is a nonprofit organization which teaches nutrition and inspires lifelong healthy cooking and eating habits through hands-on cooking classes to students from low income communities.. We believe that instilling an understanding of proper diet and nutrition is one way to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic and the early onset of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers, which are all rising at an alarming rate among children today.  Learn more at

December 20th – Children For Change

children-for-change-2016Children for Change is shaping a generation of global citizens, empowered with knowledge, empathy and confidence to make a difference in their world.  How does C4C contribute to this?  C4C cultivates, curates and contextualizes experiential service learning opportunities around issues that impact our world.
They believe that if kids are given the opportunity to do good through experiential learning and empowerment, their innate desire to connect and contribute to the world around them will emerge and they will be leaders of good in their communities and will become strong global citizens.  Learn what they are up to at