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Our glorious beers and ales.

Major Science IPA   Recently updated !

Our latest “let’s have fun with science and use up a bunch of different hops for a new IPA” – This is the quintessential West Coast IPA style brewed with a neutral base made up with Pilsner malt and a little oatmeal but hopped aggressively. There is enough bitterness to feel it linger but not enough that you’ll need to scrape your palette. All big jammy citrusy and dank finishing hops are what gives this beer the west coast feel. We also left this beer unfiltered because that’s how the kids like it but without any of that East Coast milkshake yeast or crazy protein rich adjuncts added to the mash.»

David HAZElhoff

A New England-style hazy IPA that is chock full of tropical citrus fruit flavors and aromas. All the late hopping is Nelson, Galaxy, and Simcoe. This is the Swan Song beer from our now ex-Lead Brewer Dave Pickford who is now brewing up in Reno for Revision. We wish him the best.»

Silk Smoking Jacket

Silk Smoking Jacket is our riff on a strong winter ale with a little smoked malt. The hops are balanced so the beer isn’t sweet, the smoke is subtle but present, and a silk jacket is encouraged to wear. The base malt for this beer came from our good friends at Admiral Maltings in Alameda.»

Quad Goals!

Quad Goals! is a Maderia wine barrel aged Belgian-style Quadruppel Ale. This beer was cellared in the barrels for a little over fourteen months. Amber and malty, with a fair amount of that typical Maderia nutty flavor and a bright finish. Also available in a very limited amount of 750mL bottles to go.»

Chazz Cat Rye

One of the original beers when Iron Springs opened way back over 13 years ago. 40% Rye, 50% Maris Otter, and 10% crystal malts make up this spicy backbone of a beer. Hopped delicately with East Kent Golding hops and Cascades.»

Beer Day Mild

Beer Day is a mild pale ale brewed exclusively with California grown Maiden Voyage barley malted locally in Alameda by Admiral Maltings. Beer Day references a two beer ration that US Navy sailors would get after 90 days of straight sea time without a port of call. Hopped delicately with East Kent Goldings.»

Gose Candy

Gose Candy is our latest foray into kettle soured beers we do here at the pub. Gose Candy is a wheat ale soured with Lactobacillus, salted, and conditioned with well over a hundred pounds of fresh Marrionberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries. Super pink, tart, wheaty, with a tart fruit in the finish. Adult Halloween candy so to speak.»

Jam Session IPA

Session-style India Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with our friends at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. Light hoppy pale ale brewed with a touch of Rye malt and aggresively hopped in the late additions with Mosaic and Cascade hops to give it a spicy and very citrusy flavor and finish.»

Sless’ Oatmeal Stout 1



Dark, hardy, thick, rich, roasted and chocolaty, this ale is amazingly smooth due to the generous addition of whole oats.  Named for a friend of Iron Springs and easily the finest pedal steel player around, Barry Sless, this one is layered with flavors.»