February Give Back Tuesday Recipients

February 1st:  Audubon Canyon Ranch

Audubon CanyonThe mission of Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) is to protect the natural resources of its sanctuaries while fostering an understanding and appreciation of these environments. Through ACR’s preservation, education, and research programs, Audubon Canyon Ranch educates children and adults, promotes ecological literacy that is grounded in direct experience, and conducts research and restoration that advances conservation science. Audubon Canyon Ranch properties include the Cypress Grove Research Center on Tomales Bay, the 535-acre Bouverie Preserve in Sonoma and the 1,000-acre Martin Griffin Preserve  in Stinson Beach, which is home to one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most significant and most studied Great Egret and Great Blue Heron nesting sites. ACR is an independent non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status. ACR’s programs are made possible thanks to the contribution of thousands of hours of volunteer service, and donations from caring individuals, foundations and businesses.  Check out www.egret.org for more information.

February 8th – Lift/Levante!

Lift For Teens LogoLift/Levante! provides the tools, knowledge, experiences and support necessary to empower overweight and obese children and their families to create a life of health, wellness and positive self-esteem.  LIFT was founded to specifically address the overweight and obesity issues confronting families in lower socioeconomic communities in our country, especially Latinos and African-Americans who suffer from the highest rates.  Their vision for America is that every overweight/unfit/obese child in our underserved communities will lead a life of health, wellness and vitality.  After evaluating what is currently available nationwide, the founders of LIFT discovered few, if any, existing comprehensive nutritional and fitness programs that focus on lifeskills training, include a viable family component, and utilize innovative technologies. It was also apparent no program exists of this scope that is bi-lingual and culturally sensitive, which motivated us to create “Levántate!” a component of LIFT tailored to Hispanic communities.   Check out lifttforteens.org for more information.

February 15th – San Anselmo Coop Nursery School

SACNS_logoFounded originally in 1947 as the Fairfax Community Nursery School, the San Anselmo Co-Op is celebrating its 63nd year in operation. Except for the faces of the children and their parents, since then little has changed. The goal of the preschool is to foster physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual growth in each child.  The school provides a unique experience for families who wish to be involved in their children’s education and learn alongside them. By sharing parenting issues, insights, joys and struggles, parents gain a sense of community with one another and a greater understanding of their own child’s development. Through their participation, parents create the kind of school they desire for their children. Their many talents, strengths and interests provide the energy that fuels the school. By relying on parent ingenuity, teamwork and labor, we keep fees low and the school available to a wide spectrum of people.  Find out more at www.sananselmocoop.com.

February 22nd – the Bicycle Works

The Bicycle WorksThe Bicycle Works is Marin’s not-for-profit do-it-yourself community bicycle tool workshop empowering our community with knowledge, skills, tools, and materials for bicycle related activity with open workshops, classes and a space for creative collaboration.  Find out more about this new community resource at www.thebicycleworks.org.

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