Give Back Tuesdays

At Iron Springs, we like to think of ourselves as active participants in our community, not as passive service providers. We know that the folks who frequent our pub are not just customers, they are our friends and neighbors. We like to think that this attitude is reflected in our style of service and in our casual, homey atmosphere. But that’s really just a reflection of what goes on behind the scenes at Iron Springs.

One of the most overt ways in which we choose to contribute to our community is through our “Give Back Tuesday” program. Every Tuesday, a percentage of the proceeds from the pub are donated to a local cause or organization. In this way, folks can come down, have a nice meal and a pint (or several) and know that some of what they spend on their meal is coming right back into the programs and services that make Fairfax and Marin such a fantastic place to live.

Our staff all lives locally, and we’re all raising our kids, dogs, cats and ferrets, living our lives, and doing our best to adhere to a simple credo: love one another. With everything we do – both big and small – we’re trying to make the world a better place to live in. For ourselves, for our children, and for our neighbors.

The Iron Springs Give Back Tuesday program has donated an average of over $15,000 a year to such great causes as:

  • The YES Foundation
  • Drake High Mt. Bike Team
  • Marin Community Food Bank
  • Bread & Roses
  • Adopt-a-Family of Marin
  • Point Reyes Seashore Association
  • Conservation Corps North Bay
  • And many more…

December Give Back Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we are thrilled to donate 10% to local groups working to support our community.   For more information, or to nominate a group, please contact


December 2nd – The Vilda Foundation

Vilda_Logo_Final 2014

The Vilda Foundation is dedicated to rebuilding awareness that creates a deep, meaningful connection to the natural world.  They believe the way to do that is by actually spending time outdoors, with hands in the dirt and feet on the ground, planting trees, clearing brush, finding frogs in a creek, making a meal out of wild plants, learning how to turn a piece of wood into an instrument or creating natural dyes with berries.

The Vilda Foundation provides hands-on, place-based nature education to children, adults and educators, creates initiatives that enhance the health and accessibility of our public lands, engages in healthy community building, sustainability, and regenerative living,
and serves as a connection point and resource for local nature educators.
You can view Vilda’s current program offerings and read more at


December 9th – ForWords

forwords_logo2HRForWords provides literacy programs for low-income, under-served students in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, many of whom are English language learners.  ForWords provides instruction and resources to help students develop the ability to write, speak, and read effectively and publish their work in print, video and digital media.  ForWords works with students to foster self-awareness, confidence, personal voice and pride in community and culture.  ForWords provides professional development for teachers and direct assistance to our students by partnering with the Bay Area Writing Project at the University of California, Berkeley and is staffed and advised by an exceptional community of writers, educators, artists and digital media experts.  ForWords believes that every student should have the chance to accomplish his or her dreams, to go to college and to be fully and effectively employed. ForWords believes that students, particularly those who live in under-resourced communities, deserve educational opportunities to match their drive, intelligence and hopes so they can become proud and accomplished members of our democracy.  Find out more at

December 16th – Casa Allegra

casa allegra jpeg Casa Allegra Community Services, founded in 1975, is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Marin county that provides supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through community living, education, employment and income earning opportunities.

CACS supports adults with cognitive and physical disabilities to live safely in apartments and shared housing throughout Marin County. CACS’ Day Services includes supports for an award winning client-owned cooperative, Keep MarinGreen, and individual microenterprise business development.  For more information visit

December 23rd – Jazz in the Neighborhood

jazz in the neighborhood 2014

Jazz in the Neighborhood nurtures jazz — America’s indigenous art form — in communities throughout the SF Bay Area. We produce concerts at intimate, affordable, local venues; guarantee living wages for our musicians and provide mentoring, both on and off the bandstand.  Find out more at




October Give Back Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we are thrilled to donate 10% to local groups working to support our community.   For more information, or to nominate a group, please contact

In October we will be supporting the YES Foundation, which provides support to the Ross Valley School District for programs like art, library, and music that otherwise wouldn’t have enough funding.  Find out more at  We also have two special YES nights in October:

Tuesday October 14th

It’s celebrity waiter’s night featuring the 6th grade teachers from White Hill Middle School.

Tuesday October 28th

It’s celebrity waiter’s night featuring the 7th and 8th grade teachers from White Hill Middle School.




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