Iron Springs Pub & Brewery Announces Give Back Tuesday Partnership with Marin Produce 1

 Iron Springs is very proud to announce a partnership with Marin Produce of San Rafael to donate additional funds to local nonprofits through its Give Back Tuesday program    Currently, each Tuesday, Iron Springs donates 10% of the day’s sales to a local nonprofit.  Starting in February of 2012,  Marin Produce will contribute an additional 5% of daily sales, for a total of 15%.

In May of 2008, Iron Springs Pub implemented its successful “Give Back Tuesdays” program. During the past four years, over $60,000 has been donated to a variety of local causes, many of them environmental & educational in nature. In addition to the financial contribution, local groups are highlighted during their Tuesday at the pub, giving patrons an opportunity to learn about great local Bay Area groups.  By adding Marin Produce as a partner, Iron Springs hopes to have given away over $100,000 by the end of 2013.

“We feel so fortunate that we have been able to give back to the community that we love in this way, and help spread the word about so many great non-profits,” said Anne Dubinsky Altman, co-owner of Iron Springs.  “We are a public house, and this program has been a great way for us to give back.  We are thrilled to work with Marin Produce and be able to donate even more.”

Since the program was implemented, it has benefitted a variety of local groups, including:

  • KWMR
  • Point Reyes Bird Observatory
  • Wildcare
  • Homeward Bound of Marin
  • Pine St. Foundation
  • Conservation Corps North Bay
  • Marin Community Food Bank
  • Adopt a Family of Marin
  • Marin Stables
  • Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT)
  • San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School
  • San Geronimo Valley Community Center
  • Drake HS Mountain Bike Team
  • Cascade Canyon School
  • Five for Five
  • Marin Human Society SHARE a Book
  • Community Action Marin
  • Point Reyes Seashore Foundation
  • Trips for Kids
  • Marin Open Space Trust
  • Marin Youth Center
  • DebShred
  • Sustainable San Anselmo
  • Lily’s Legacy
  • Surfrider Foundation of Marin
  • ForWords
  • Hungry Owl Project
  • Center for Domestic Peace
  • Marin Arts Council
  • Marin Community Bicycle Coalition
  • Marin Search & Rescue
  • Sea Stewards
  • Daycaring Preschool
  • San Geronimo Valley Community Center
  • Audubon Canyon Ranch
  • LIFT/Levante
  • The Bicycle Works
  • San Anselmo Preschool
  • Fairfax Open Space Committee
  • Cascade Canyon School
  • YES Foundation
  • Bread and Roses
  • Ceres Care Program
  • Bay Area Ridge Trail
Iron Springs Pub & Brewery has made a tremendous difference in the programs the YES Foundation is able to provide the children in the Ross Valley School District. Through their initial contributions and three years of Give-Back Tuesdays they have provided over $20,000 to YES for music, art, theater, library books, after-school sports and more. Their celebration of the White Hill Jazz Band with Jazz Night at Iron Springs give music students a chance to shine in their community. Mike and Anne prove every month with Give-Back Tuesdays how deep their commitment is to the community. As a beneficiary, everyone at YES is grateful for the difference they’ve made for all the kids in Ross Valley District schools,” — Julie Quater, of the YES Ross Valley Schools Foundation

“The Iron Springs Give Back Tuesday events provide an opportunity for MCBC to connect with our members, while raising money for important programs that encourage people to get out of cars and onto bikes. It’s a natural fit, given that so many bicyclists visit the pub on a regular basis. It’s easy for them to stop by and spend money knowing it supports two things they love, bikes and beers! With the generous support of Iron Springs we’ve raised over $2,000 for bicycle advocacy in Marin.  Thank you Iron Springs!” – Tom Boss, membership director for Marin County Bicycle Coalition

“I’ve been a cyclist in the Ross Valley for the past 15 years, and the director of the local high school mountain bike team for the last nine.  One of the most important developments in the cycling community in that time has been the arrival of Iron Springs Pub and Brewery.  Iron Spring’s “Give Back Tuesdays” program has provided Drake Mt Biking with much needed funds through a wonderful community gathering.  Our Give Back Tuesday event is one of our favorite among a year-long calendar of events.” –  Dan Freeman, Drake Mt. Bike coach

“Give Back Tuesdays at Iron Springs provides Bread & Roses with a great opportunity to educate our neighbors about our mission and to lift their spirits through live music. The icing on the cake (or head on the beer) is the generous donation that follows.  Thank you Michael and Anne for shining your light in our community!”  Cassandra Flipper- Executive Director, Bread & Roses

Iron Springs is a family-friendly, locally owned and operated pub and brewery located in Fairfax, California. With delicious food and 16 award-winning handcrafted beers on tap, everything on the table – from the hot sauce to the ales – is lovingly hand crafted on the premises. 

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