The Beer

What a Long Strange Mash It’s Been…

All of our beers are hand crafted on location here in Fairfax, California in 10 barrel batches. We start with the freshest water from the seven Marin reservoirs, as well as the Russian River, and add the finest ingredients available on the global market. While remaining true to traditions, each of our beers also brings its own unique characteristics to the palate.  From the brew-house to the taps, to your glass, without filtration, our beers are “alive” and made with great care and craftsmanship.

You will always find at least 12 beers pouring at all times. This includes 11 CO2 taps and 1-2 nitrogen taps.  Everything from Pilsner & Kolsch all the way up to Imperial IPA’s & Barley Wines and everything in between.

This is a brewery more than 20 years in the making dating back to when Mike started washing kegs for McMenamin’s in Portland Oregon in 1991. This is where the original Epiphany was first brewed-many thousands of batches of beers ago.

Beers come in the following sizes:

 Glass: $5.25

Pint: $7.50

Pitcher: $25-$26

*Specialities and coubles a bit more.

Order your beer online for pickup or delivery!  Place your order HERE or call 415-485-1005 during open hours to talk to one of our staff.   

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