We’re so happy to be celebrating our 2000th batch of beer at Iron Springs! Named accordingly as Batch 2000, this beer has a Belgian Golden Strong style, and an alcohol beverage content of 7.5%. This style of beer uses a Belgian Blend of Yeast, courtesy of 7 stills brewing in San Francisco who were generous enough to let us stop by and harvest yeast from one of their tanks. The grain bill is relatively straight forward, using Belgian grown pilsner, some wheat for body, and a bit of honey malt. One common “traditional” ingredient in some Belgian styles is an inverted sugar similar to rock candy, to increase the potential alcohol beverage content and avoid adding more body/residual sweetness that comes from grain. In this case we used some Marin wildflower honey to add more flavor and lend the beer a local twist. As far as hops, it has Loral, Saaz, and a French hop called the Barbe Rouge, blending a traditional and new school vibe.

Batch 200 pours a golden color with an orange-ish hue, and carries a lot of complexity. The yeast driven portion of the aroma is slightly spicy (predominantly clove, slightly peppery), with fruity esters that come across as pear/apple/berries. Hop impressions come across as strawberry, currant, and a slight floral/herbaceous tang from the honey. Flavor is a little citrusy with a boozy bite and some dark fruit character, like plum and fig, in the background. It finishes slightly sweet, well carbonated, with a mild spicy character, and pairs well with a wide variety of foods.